Seeing the Big Picture with Intra-oral Photography

A lot of patients ask us why we offer intra oral photographs in addition to other forms of images, like digital x-rays. The answer is simple: because it helps our patients understand their dental care better.

Most of the time, patients go to a dentist and walk out being told they need lots of dental treatment. This can be very confusing when nothing feels wrong, and the teeth look just fine from what you can see. As a result, patients begin to distrust their dental provider and question why many treatments are being prescribed when they don’t think anything is wrong.

By taking baseline intra-oral photographs on all new patients that visit our office, both Dr. Love and his patients know exactly what they are working with. At future visits, new photographs can be taken to evaluate patterns of wear, identifying potential problems before they happen. This helps us keep treatments simpler, more affordable, and more comprehensive for the long-term success of care.

Probably even more importantly though, is that taking intra-oral photos gives each person a clinical image of what Dr. Love sees during the examination process. Because these images are enlarged, patients can identify exactly what areas Dr. Love is addressing, without having to look at confusing images like x-rays or just going off of the verbal information we provide. In a way, it allows our patients to become co-planners in their treatment process, because they further understand just exactly what is going on with their own mouths simply by being able to see it for themselves.

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