Comprehensive Dentistry Services in Spokane Valley

A Proactive Approach to Dental Care

Our practice is not a needs-based drill-and-fill dental office. Instead, we take a proactive approach that uses the most modern advancements in dentistry to locate dental needs while they are as small as possible. This expands treatment options for our patients, allows us to provide predictable, quality care, and keeps our fees as low as possible. Because everyone has different needs. We see Spokane patients that have all ranges of dental health needs. Some people know that they need to see a dentist but haven’t in years, while others choose to have elective cosmetic therapies in addition to routine care. It is our pleasure to provide attentive care that meets the individual needs of individual people, no matter what the status of their smile is.

Comprehensive Exam

Every patient receives a comprehensive dental examination that checks the teeth, gums, jaw and soft tissues of the mouth. Dr. Love looks for any signs of disease, damage or abnormalities. He inquires about the patient’s dental and medical history to identify any medications or conditions that could affect the health of the mouth. He may use diagnostic technology, such as X-rays or CT scans, to capture images of the structures of the mouth and examine those more closely. The type and number of these images depends on the specific needs of the patient. Dr. Love discusses his observations and the results of these diagnostics with the patient. Based on the findings, he recommends a suitable approach to proceed with treatment.

Personal Dental Plan (PDP)

Every patient receives a Personal Dental Plan, or PDP, that outlines the appropriate steps of treatment or maintenance. This plan includes the most advanced care we can offer.

The PDP is completely customized to the needs of the patient. It may be as simple as a patient with optimal oral health continuing to see Dr. Love every six months for a check-up and professional cleaning. Or, for someone with damaged, decayed or missing teeth, the PDP could involve the complex restoration or rebuilding of the teeth. In the case of a patient with healthy yet unattractive teeth, the PDP could include one or more cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve the appearance of the smile.

Regardless of scope for the PDP, Dr. Love chooses to implement some of the most advanced equipment possible so that our patients can receive the most advanced care possible. Our care goes a step further than a general or cosmetic dental office. It’s care you deserve, without having to ask for something extra.

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Dr. Love believes that the right dental technology can make treatment quicker, safer and more comfortable for his patients. He invests in high-tech systems and tools that help him to be more efficient and treatment outcomes more accurate.

The revolutionary CEREC system enables him to plan, create and place top-quality crowns and bridges in a single visit. Tools such as cone beam CT scans help Dr. Love to capture three-dimensional images of the teeth, soft tissues and bone of the jaw for more precise treatment planning. Systems like the Sirona guided implant system help Dr. Love carefully map out treatment for more predictable dental implant results. Thanks to these key pieces of technology, Dr. Love’s patients save considerable time, money and effort on dental treatment.

Best dentist ever. I can't say enough nice things about him. Everyone in the office is amazing.

Always friendly and they do amazing work!!!

Such a great place! They always take good care of us whenever we need them! Thanks for all the love Dr. Love!

Ryan has been my dentist for a number of years now… Love his professional manner, technical skills and ability, and great professional and friendly staff. If you're looking for a top flight dentist I would strongly recommend Ryan and his team!!