What to Expect

What should new patients expect during their first visit?

Your experience with our office will begin on the phone as we gather the necessary information required to schedule your first visit that is appropriate to your needs. We are happy to research insurance information if applicable and we will be happy to contact your previous dentist to transfer records. We strive to make your first appointment at a time that works for your schedule. Your first appointment is typically a two hour visit which includes a complete comprehensive evaluation with Dr. Love, as well as an intra-oral tour including photographs, digital x-rays, and cleaning. Thanks to intra-oral imaging, Dr. Love’s patients are able to see high-resolution pictures of their teeth. In short, they can see what Dr. Love sees. These images provide a great baseline reference for future appointments that check for signs of wear or trauma to the teeth as time goes by. This tour of the mouth gives a great opportunity to discuss goals and future needs with Dr. Love and gives patients a chance to co-diagnose and co-plan the care that they need. Should treatment be needed, a Personal Dental Plan will go through the step-by-step approach to creating a functional, beautiful smile. Most patients continue to be seen twice a year for routine preventive cleanings outside of any treatment needs.