Dental Implants in Spokane, Washington

Titanium dental implants are considered to be the treatment of choice for the replacement of missing teeth. Structurally secure and independent of other teeth, implants help preserve healthy enamel of adjacent teeth as well as supporting bone in the jaws. Natural bone formation around the placed implant helps hold it securely in place for years to come.

The options are limitless!

A dental implant can support a single crown, or with other implants it can support a bridge, or even a full denture. The stability of implants make them function as if they were a natural tooth. In fact, they are considered to be even stronger than the healthiest of teeth in a person’s mouth.

When you’ve been told implants weren’t an option.

Not having enough healthy bone support is one of the primary reasons that dentists turn patients away for dental implants. Thankfully that does not have to be a concern any longer, with the implementation of cone beam guided technology. Dr. Ryan R. Love utilizes the Sirona Galileos CBCT (Cone Beam Technology) to create a guiding device that allows implants to be placed in a manner that takes advantage of a person’s natural bone patterns.