Same Day Crowns and Bridges

Traditional dental crowns or fixed bridges typically mean 2 or more appointments over the period of 2 weeks. At our practice, we use CEREC technology that allows us to deliver permanent crowns and bridges in just one appointment.

On-site laboratory technology

Instead of sending our patients dental impressions to an off-site dental laboratory for fabrication needs, we can make custom-fitted professional crowns and bridges right here in our office. Better yet, our patients can have the treatment completed in only one treatment visit. How does it work? CEREC technology uses a 3D virtual scan of the teeth to create a digital impression. This image is transferred into the milling machine that then makes a custom restoration with a fit more precise than anything that comes from an off-site laboratory. After the prosthesis is completed, Dr. Ryan R. Love permanently cements it into place on the teeth that have been prepared, allowing our patients to walk out with a brand new crown or bridge after just one treatment visit.