Same Day Crowns and Bridges in Spokane, WA

Traditional dental crowns or fixed bridges typically require two or more appointments over a period of two weeks. Messy impressions must be taken of the damaged or decayed tooth and sent to a dental laboratory to construct the restoration. In the meantime, a temporary restoration must be placed so patients don’t have to go toothless. It takes between two and three weeks for the off-site dental laboratory to create the restoration. When the permanent restoration has been prepared, patients must return to Dr. Love’s office and have the temporary restoration removed and the permanent restoration placed. As you can see, this process is time-consuming and inconvenient for patients with busy lives. Moreover, thanks to the development of CEREC technology, the traditional process is outdated. Using the CEREC system, Dr. Love can fit, construct and place custom, high-quality crowns and bridges in a single appointment right in his own office.

Special Advantages of CEREC Same-Day Restorations

  • No need to wait two to three weeks while permanent restorations are being crafted
  • No temporary restorations
  • No messy dental impressions
  • Fewer dental visits to achieve the desired results
  • Fast and convenient treatment
  • Opportunity for immediate feedback about restorations and implementation
  • Natural-looking, high-quality restorations that fit and function perfectly

How CEREC Technology Works

The first step of the CEREC process is to capture pictures of the affected tooth. Instead of taking and sending messy impressions to an off-site dental laboratory to fabricate the crown or bridge, these pictures are converted into a three-dimensional model using state-of-the-art computer software. With the help of an extensive database and comparisons of the surrounding teeth, the software approximates the shape of the crown or bridge to be created. Dr. Love can play around with this based on the patient’s unique specifications. Once the design and dimensions have been confirmed, the information is transferred to the in-office milling machine. Dr. Love selects a block of beautiful and durable porcelain in a shade that matches the surrounding teeth. Then, the milling machine constructs the crown or bridge in just a few minutes, with a fit more precise than anything that comes from an off-site laboratory. Once the crown or bridge has been prepared, Dr. Love places it on the patient’s tooth and permanently cements it into place with a strong dental adhesive. He makes any adjustments for comfort or fit, and polishes the porcelain so it has translucence similar to the surrounding natural teeth. CEREC technology is extremely advanced; however, the process requires the skill and expertise of a talented cosmetic dentist. Dr. Love is thoroughly trained in CEREC technology and uses his artistic eye to produce results that look and feel fantastic.

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