Composite Fillings & Bonding in Spokane

Mercury-Free Fillings that Blend Right In with Your Smile

Metal fillings are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Tooth-colored composite fillings are free of mercury, and blend in with the natural enamel of the tooth. Every person has a unique shade of enamel, so Dr. Ryan R. Love uses an extensive matching process to find the color of composite material that will leave your tooth looking as if nothing had been done.

What Are Composite Fillings Used For?

Composite fillings are used to fill in areas of the tooth that have decayed. They are also used to repair broken or chipped teeth, or teeth that have significant wear and tear. Composite fillings can be placed on the front or the back teeth, although they may not last as long as other types of fillings on the back teeth where there is significant pressure from chewing.

Less Tooth Preparation Means Stronger Teeth

White composite fillings bond directly with tooth enamel. That means there is less tooth preparation needed, and more healthy enamel can remain on the tooth. Other types of fillings require additional enamel removal because of the way they are held in the teeth. With a composite restoration, patients know that the only part of the tooth prepared is the immediate area where decay exists.

The Placement Process

Prior to placing the composite filling, all of the decay must be removed from the tooth, and the tooth must be disinfected. After this has been accomplished, Dr. Love applies the composite filing material, which is made from plastic and ceramic compounds, to the tooth. He shapes the material and uses a special LED light to harden and bond it to the tooth enamel. Finally, Dr. Love makes any last-minute adjustments and polishes the tooth. It is important that the tooth remain dry during this entire procedure, so Dr. Love may take his time when placing a composite filling. For this reason, composite fillings typically take a bit longer to place than metal fillings. Using composite fillings for cosmetic purposes is a similar procedure. The material is applied to the tooth and used to repair small chips or cracks, or to fill in small gaps between the teeth. Composite filings can also be used to elongate a tooth or improve its shape so it blends in with the surrounding teeth. Composite fillings develop normal wear and tear over time. But when properly cared for, these fillings can last for many years.

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