Teeth Whitening in Spokane, Washington

Taking years of stain off of your smile has never been easier. Over time the foods we eat and the drinks we consume cause stains to soak up into our porous tooth enamel. This makes teeth appear dark and dingy, and can make a person feel self-conscious about smiling or talking around other people.

Why professional whitening is the best choice.

Professional grade whitening gel helps lift deeper stains in a shorter period of time than weaker over-the-counter products. Combined with a custom fitted whitening tray, professional whitening gel stays evenly across the entire surface of each tooth, giving the most thorough whitening treatment possible. The concentrated peroxide-based gel quickly breaks up stain particles and lifts them from the teeth, dramatically changing the appearance of the enamel.

Types of professional whitening services available.

We offer our patients a take-home custom whitening tray system. Take-home whitening kits use custom trays that are worn once or twice a day for two weeks during the initial whitening treatment. Whitening treatments produce dramatic results and can be maintained long-term for a pearly white smile that lasts for years.