Porcelain Veneers in Spokane

Would you like to instantly change your smile, without multiple treatments or invasive procedures? With our most natural looking dental veneers, anyone can have a brand new smile in Spokane.

What Is a Veneer?

Veneers are small pieces of porcelain placed over the front, biting edges of the teeth to improve their appearance. Each dental veneer is made of high-quality material that reflects the shape, size and coloration of a naturally desirable tooth. Veneers can improve the appearance of a single tooth or multiple teeth. The results are instant, dramatic and, with the proper care, long-lasting. What Do Veneers Improve? Nearly every type of cosmetic imperfection can be changed when veneers are applied. Patients commonly choose veneers to beautify teeth that are:
  • Broken / chipped
  • Crooked
  • Short / misshapen
  • Discolored / stained
  • Gaped
  • Worn or uneven
Veneers are best for cases where the imperfection is superficial or slight. More significant structural or spacing problems require other restorative solutions such as crowns, bridges or orthodontics.

The Veneers Placement Process

During a consultation with Dr. Ryan R. Love, each patient gets to design his or her new smile, one tooth at a time. Goals for tooth coloration, shape, size and how wide of an area to treat are discussed during the appointment. Dr. Love takes impressions and measurements of the patient’s teeth to send to the dental laboratory that crafts the restorations. He carefully color-matches the porcelain to the patient’s surrounding teeth for a seamless result. Dr. Love can also create a three-dimensional model of how the teeth will look after the veneers have been placed. Depending on the specific type of veneer, he may need to remove a small bit of tooth enamel in order to make room to accommodate the restoration. If this is the case, a temporary veneer can be placed to wear while the permanent restoration is being fabricated. Temporary veneers give patients the opportunity to spend some time “previewing” their newly veneered smile; some offer feedback for adjustments based on the temporary restorations. Once the lab has constructed the custom permanent veneers, the patient returns to the office to have them placed. The veneer is placed over the front, biting edges of the tooth and bonded into place with a strong adhesive. Any last-minute adjustments for fit or comfort are made, and the veneer is polished. Patients that receive dental veneers are pleasantly surprised to walk out of the office with a brand new smile in a surprisingly short amount of time.

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