Cosmetic Dentistry In Spokane, Washington

A brand new smile, a brand new you.

Our Spokane patients enjoy the opportunity to perform cosmetic elective dental services that improve the appearance of their smiles. While our restorative treatments are already completed with an aesthetic goal in mind, additional cosmetic services are an option for patients that want to have a complete smile makeover. Not only does improving a person’s smile help them make a positive impression on other people, it boosts their self-confidence. Our cosmetic dental services include:

Affordable and easy to perform, our cosmetic dentistry options fit just about any budget.

Cosmetic treatments are easier to afford than you might realize. Depending on the type of procedure and how many teeth are being treated, you can correct the appearance of discolored or problem teeth that are causing concern. If more extensive makeovers need to be performed, our practice provides a wide variety of financing options to make your care easily affordable. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Love to discuss your specific cosmetic dentistry needs and goals. Call (509) 928-2525 or email our office today to make your appointment!