Technology not only allows our dental services to be more advanced than other types of dental care, it also prioritizes the personal time of each of our patients. In many cases, technological advancements allow us to provide better quality care in less time than traditional treatments.

Intra-oral photography

Every new patient will receive a set of 6 intra-oral images from their consultation visit with Dr. Ryan R. Love. Over time, new images are gathered so that they can be compared to the baseline photographs taken at a person’s first appointment. These images allow patients to see what Dr. Love sees, and gives them a chance to co-diagnose and co-plan the care that they need.

CEREC Same-day dental crowns and bridges

CEREC technology uses 3-D imaging technology to take a virtual “impression” of a tooth. This image is then transported electronically to an on-site milling machine that fabricates customized dental restorations right here in our office. Using CEREC technology allows us to complete treatment in one visit instead of two!

Cone beam guided technology for dental implants

When traditional dental implant treatment is possible, cone beam guided implant placement can help. With Sirona Galileos, dental implants can be guided and placed in areas where bone structure is limited. Precise image guided placement allows implants to be delivered with safety and the predictability you can expect.

Digital radiography

Digital dental x-rays deliver high density images that make care simple to understand, and easily shared with our patients. They’re simple, use less radiation, and allow us to view radiographs in an efficient manner.