Preventive Cleanings and Services

Our preventive services are set in place to help patients maintain or improve their current oral health status. Even with dedicated oral hygiene cleanings at home, bacterial plaque and tartar can deposit itself onto the teeth. By preventing gum disease from occurring, patients can keep their teeth longer and decrease their likelihood to develop systemic conditions that are linked with periodontal disease.

Prophylactic cleanings

Preventive hygiene appointments are performed every 6 months for most healthy patients. We utilize ultrasonic scalers that gently remove deposits from the teeth and flush bacteria out from under the gum-lines. A registered dental hygienist performs each hygiene appointment, and will work with patients to create a customized Personal Dental Plan that addresses any areas of concern.

Dental sealants

Placing a sealant over the chewing surfaces of newly developed permanent molars can help deter decay from developing in the deep grooves and fissures of the teeth. A sealant takes only a few minutes to apply, and requires no anesthesia. The teeth are gently conditioned before having the seal brushed over them, and the sealant is then cured using an ultraviolet light. Sealants make tooth-brushing more effective and prevent bacteria from reaching deep areas that cannot easily be cleaned.

Fluoride varnish

Varnish is one of the newer ways to deliver fluoride onto the surfaces of teeth, and is found to be more effective than traditional gel application. Not only does varnish cling to the tooth longer, it can also be used on patients who suffer from sensitive teeth as an effective treatment.