New Patient Comprehensive Dental Exams in Spokane Valley

More than Just a “Check-Up”

Most patients go to a new dentist because they feel that they need treatment, or are due for a routine exam. Dr. Ryan R. Love provides a unique approach to his new patient exams, and it takes the meaning of comprehensive care to an entirely new level.

Your Smile as a Whole

The health of your smile goes beyond the needs of an individual tooth. Dr. Love understands how the teeth, jaws, head and neck all work in relationship to one another, and how oral complications can affect overall wellness for his patients. Whether your smile needs full rehabilitation, or only preventive intervention, your needs will be carefully monitored so that they can be addressed and cared for appropriately.

Why Our Exams Go Above and Beyond a Standard New Patient Exam

In our practice, every new patient receives a set of intra-oral photographs that allow him or her to see what we see. Patient consultations allow time to talk with Dr. Love about needs and concerns, before we recommend any type of treatment. This consultation from the “Records Exam” helps us get to know and understand each patient’s priorities and oral health needs, and the follow-up care is scheduled as it is needed.

What Happens During a New Patient Exam?

Every new patient is asked to complete some paperwork prior to their first appointment. During the appointment, Dr. Love visually examines the teeth, gums and soft tissues of the mouth. A full set of photographs and digital X-rays is taken to establish a baseline understanding of the patient’s oral health, and any problems are diagnosed. The teeth are professionally cleaned and polished. Incorporating the information gathered by the intra-oral photographs and X-rays and potential diagnoses, Dr. Love and the patient discuss his or her specific oral health needs and goals. He may ask questions about the patient’s medical and health history, including any conditions that could affect oral health and wellness. Together, the dentist and patient create a treatment plan to attain and maintain optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. This plan could include a range of dental solutions — for example, a cosmetic dentistry service, the creation of a dental restoration or the placement of a mouth guard for teeth grinding. Most patients return to the office every six months for a routine cleaning and examination. Patients with cosmetic or restorative dentistry goals may be asked to return sooner, depending on the specific treatment needed.

Contact Dr. Ryan Love

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