A proactive approach to dental care.

Our practice is not a needs-based drill-and-fill dental office. Instead, we take a proactive approach that uses the most modern advancements in dentistry to locate dental needs while they are as small as possible. This expands treatment options for our patients, allows us to provide predictable, quality care, and keeps our fees as low as possible. Because everyone has different needs. We see patients that have all ranges of dental health needs. Some people know that they need to see a dentist but haven’t in years, while others choose to have elective cosmetic therapies in addition to routine care. It is our pleasure to provide attentive care that meets the individual needs of individual people, no matter what the status of their smile is. We provide each patient with a Personal Dental Plan or PDP. The most advanced care we can offer. Dr. Ryan R. Love chooses to implement some of the most advanced equipment possible so that our patients can receive the most advanced care possible. Our care goes a step further than a general or cosmetic dental office. Care you deserve, without having to ask for something extra.